Sorry for the crappy English. I tried my best to translate this for you guys :)


The first movie I saw is Fantasia. I thought it was Bambi but I remembered that it was Fantasia. I verified on Wikipedia and there was a re-release in 1985. I remember it as a stressful moment *laugh*. Voila. The type of anxiety you have when you are a kid, a mix of fear being in the dark and the music was very loud. The powerful and poetic images and when you are young the real and the magic mix up.

Before, I was very complexed but finally it’s good, we grow up and don’t complex anymore. The movies I was ashamed to like were the love stories. But now I’m not shy about it anymore. When movies like Legend of the fall, Titanic and The Notebook are playing I watch them with joy. *laugh* Is that bad? I don’t know.

The first time I kissed at the cinema, I was watching Cool Runnings. I don’t know if you remember this movie on the Jamaican bobsleigh team with John Candy? Voila. It has to happen. His name was Dominic Dionne. Hello Dominic!

The movies I’ve seen the most and that I still watch every time it’s on the tv is Beetlejuice by Tim Burton. It is pure genius. What I like about this movie is that the artistic direction is still very beautiful. When we say that the cinema is a dream place I think that, particularly in this movie, we are in a complete surreality where humor blends with the fundamental fears of the human. The death, what is coming after. It’s wonderful and Winona Ryder is so great. She looks like she is wearing cobwebs. Voila. *laugh*

The first movie I watched at the drive-in movie theater is Independence Day. And we were in a minivan and I think we were two families together and I had the worst sit at the back of the car and I remember more of the pogos that the movie itself.

The most famous kiss in cinema for me is in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Mathieu Amalric had an accident and he is not able to move except one of his eyelids. And he is sort of in a dream where he is eating with a woman and they are standing up in front of a table full of food and they are eating oysters, they eat a lot and then they kiss and their faces are full of food. It’s a scene full of joy and pleasure and one of the best in the cinema. Well, at least in all the movies I saw.

I have never watched E.T. That’s it. I don’t know. I should watch it. *laugh*

I would like to play someone who completely lose her shit out of love or anger. I think about the role of Isabelle Adjani in Possession, in Camille Claudel or more recently in the La Journée de la jupe. To be able to go in this breakdown, I’d like to do it.

This is a very difficult question, the international producer that I’d like to play in one of their movie. I’m the type of person who is very slow to choose when I look in the menus at the restaurant. I really have a difficult time to pick one so I tried to proceed by alphabetical order but in the letter A there were many. Thomas Anderson. Darren Aronofsky, ? (not sure of the name), etc, etc. I could go on for one hour.

A magic moment that I had was during the filming of Cafe de Flore. It was not one of my scene. We were at the Dorval airport and we had finished our scenes with Keven but I decided to stay because I knew that something interesting were going to happen. It was in the opening scene; they are many child with trisomy who are walking to the camera while Keven Parent is going away from us. And the kids had to not look directly at the camera so Jean-Marc told the parents to go behind the camera. And he said “go to your parents”. So there was these young people walking and their parents who were so proud about their kids being in a movie for the first time. And the parents were like this *kissing hands* *sign to come to them with their hands* to encourage their kids. And I never had shivers /butterflies /feelings like that on a film set. It was a beautiful moment of cinema.

A producer from Québec with whom I would like to make a film with… *thinking*… I’ll go spontaneously. There are two that came spontaneously. Léa Pool and Rodrigue Jean. They are the first that came to my mind.

Oh. I think of others. I hate to choose. Wait, I have to think about it. It’s totally a crazy question. It’s difficult for me to talk about my dreams. I will find a pretty and smart answer… If I have two minutes.

So a producer from Québec with whom I would like to work. It’s been a long time that I think about it. It’s Rodrigue Jean. I met him one time. I was playing at the theater and I saw all of his movies. There is something extremely poetic and delicate and at the same time brutal but subtle in his cinema. I think he also takes a look at themes and characters that we don’t see very often. Even his documentaries are full of empathy and of sensibility. I think it would be great to work with the person, not only for the result of the film but about what it would be to work with him.


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